Because Time is NOT a Renewable Resource, every business needs to establish or re-examine their business and networking strategy to ensure that it remains relevant and profitable. 



Finding someone who is not emotionally invested in your business, yet who has the experience and expertise to examine details objectively and challenge any “sacred cows” you might be holding can be difficult. Mentoring is a way to explore and test your business ideas and strategy with an experienced business person who is independent from your business.

The challenge is to examine your

  • target market
  • business proposition
  • marketing plan
  • growth strategy
  • expenses and pricing

to determine if and how you will succeed.  Because you are emotionally attached to your vision it’s virtually impossible to give all these areas the objective scrutiny you need.

Our Mentors

Leigh Powell- Business Strategist and Mentor

As a business mentor, I know that my clients have vision, expertise and ambitious goals, even if they are just starting out. They don’t need to be told what to do, they need someone who will listen to them respectfully, ask pertinent questions that help to explore the details and implications of their strategy and challenge so that they can identify and strengthen potential weaknesses in their business. 

My job is to help them lean into what they know you should do, take responsibility for it, and turn it into a profitable strategy. Mentoring is a way to explore and test your business ideas & strategy with an experienced business person who is independent from your business, not emotionally attached to your vision. 

 The trick is to help you discover where you are and where you want to be and then identify the resources required to get you there. Essentially, we will better define and articulate what problem you seek to solve for your clients.

My background is in the banking and finance industry and I’ve worked with major banks and large corporations for over 40 years in various capacities. Importantly I have also met with over 100 small businesses in the last 2 years and now have unique insight into what makes business owners and their businesses “tick”.

Over the past two years my business has grown substantially and this was a direct result of Leigh’s business mentoring. Leigh’s business knowledge and coaching skills are second to none. If you are looking for a professional, caring and extremely experienced business mentor then you simply can’t go past Leigh. Thank you again Leigh for all your support over the last two years, it’s been a game changer!
— Richard Maloney - CEO Engage & Grow


The best way to develop know, like and trust is face to face. Yet many people are uncomfortable networking and simply find events can be a waste of time. Generally it’s either because they have attended the wrong events, or they haven’t yet learned the skills they need to network effectively.

To develop confidence and motivation you need to know WHY you’re attending networking events and determine which events will best meet your goals and save you time and money. 


Kerryn Powell – Networking Strategist and Business Connector

Many of the people I talk to are terrified of networking events… and yet networking is a learned skill that enriches your life personally and professionally.

If you’ve decided that networking is a waste of time, I’d like to encourage you to consider whether your real problem might be

  • the networking events you’ve attended are transactional and promise quick customers… and that’s not really networking at all.
  • you struggle to communicate the value you bring to clients or to turn the conversation round to something meaningful.

Whether you prefer one-to-one coaching or group coaching you’ll find new confidence and experience success when you apply our methods at your next networking event. 

Investing in the right relationships will make your business bigger and better.

It was such a pleasure meeting the wonderful Kerryn Powell at the “Women Fit for Work” and YTM Networking event in 2015. We connected immediately and I knew her one-to-one coaching was just what I needed to take my business to the next level at networking events. I cannot thank and express my gratitude enough to Kerryn who was able to connect me with fabulous collaborators who were relevant to my business needs. Thank you Kerryn for all your direction. I absolutely love your YTM events which are run with such perfection allowing everyone to experience a real connection with each other.
— Angela Sorpreso, Bellartista Designs

Would you benefit from an hour with me and have your networking questions answered? Or, maybe you need help to find the right supplier or are looking for  the right event or avenue for your business?

Benefit from my experience and  conversations with over 1200 B2B business professionals.



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